Charlotte A. Sandelin, educator, mezzo soprano, is a specialist in education* and music programming. With degrees in both education and music, Charlotte has developed programs for ages 2 through adult.

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She began her teaching career as a member of the music faculty at Trinidad State Junior College where she maintained a busy performance schedule of solo and ensemble work, while teaching and directing student productions. Choral work has remained a primary activity, including solo and chorister parts with the Collegium Musicum (Santa Fe), the Chorus of Santa Fe, the NAU Oratorio Chorus, the Flagstaff Master Chorale and Symphony Chorus, and most recently with the Santa Fe Symphony Chorus.

Careful attention to content and structure is the key, she says, to the success of any program that seeks to develop a set of skills and abilities. "Vocal pedagogy is rich with ideas and technique from several schools of thought and it is a delightful task to find the best in each of them". Charlotte's approach to vocal instruction is holistic. She believes that for artistic singing to occur, the areas of musical, intellectual, emotional, and physical expression must be integrated.

*Charlotte has developed other unique educational programs for both children and adults. The most notable of these programs is an accredited, progressive, early childhood program in Flagstaff, Arizona, now in it's 22nd successful year: Foresight Learning Center.

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